Manufacturing Day

IMC is a proud supporter of Manufacturing Day, an event that encourages manufacturers to open their doors and educate future generations on the impact and importance that manufacturing has in the U.S. – today and into the future.

IMC - 25 Years of Helping Central Pennsylvania Manufacturers


Despite the fact that over 70 percent of Americans view manufacturing as the most important industry for a strong economy and 77 percent fear the loss of manufacturing jobs to other nations, young people aren’t joining the field as readily as you’d think. Only 30 percent of parents encourage their children to enter manufacturing and just 17 percent view manufacturing as a top career choice.

Manufacturing Day aims to change that.

Manufacturing Day empowers manufacturers to open their doors and show the future generation what manufacturing is really like by addressing common misconceptions about the industry. By giving individual manufacturers a voice, the industry as a whole can address the skilled labor shortage and connect with future generations to ensure the ongoing prosperity of manufacturing.