“Through the assistance of IMC, we have been able to develop a quality high temperature grout as well as a superior Oil Field Containment System, both of which have opened up new doors and possibilities into a growing industry for Polymics.”

Dr. Tim Hsu, President

“Our experience with Russ Lawrence has been top notch! He understood from the beginning our culture and frustrations. He is a great teacher, good listener and wonderfully positive in coaching change!”

Keith Atherholt, President

“The support the IMC provided wasn’t something that I had even envisioned. The work that was accomplished through The Learning Factory has made it possible for us to better pitch our product to other companies and potential investors. This is a big step. Overall, the projects were successful, and we enjoyed the passion that the students brought to the work. It was rewarding on many levels.”

Lin Wang, President and CEO, Ascent Bio-Nano Technologies

“We couldn’t have been happier with the consultant that IMC paired us with. We’re actually on the third project now.”


Todd Vonderheid, Managing Member

“Our outcomes have been very successful and we are poised to apply these principles to other areas of our business for more widespread improvements. This effort is truly helping to take our entire team to a new level.”

Rob Bargo, Vice President of Product Operations, Videon Central

“I truly appreciate the help IMC provided to REICHdrill and our people. They brought us the right expertise and provided tools and support to help us get better. IMC has been a very big part of our recent success and will continue to be a key partner going forward.”

Pat Garrity, Vice President & General Manager, REICHdrill

“Working with the IMC and engaging in Lean training has helped us to thrive in a time when the economy has wavered.”

Gary Naculich, Manager, Transitions to Production, Lycoming Engines

“IMC was helpful in helping me decide on the material to use, and connecting me with partners that helped clarify the manufacturing issues.”

David Stone, President, Night Blanket Pool Cover

“Thanks in large part to IMC, we are on the verge of one of our best years ever, with revenue up nearly 20 percent.”

Don O’Hora, CEO/President, Northway Industries

“The project improved leadership capabilities of existing management, helped to build more leaders and educated employees on the basics of economics and expanded their business sense. I often recommend IMC to other manufacturers as an innovative source in solving problems and eliminating bottlenecks.”

Randy Beiler, General Manager, Pik Rite