De-risking Robotics

How to start your journey and avoid common issues with robotics implementations.

After deciding to implement robotics, the goal of any organization is to attain a fast ROI by having the robot working quickly with minimal risk.  However, far too many organizations find their robotic implementations run behind schedule and create a series of new problems to solve, not the productive asset and tool they envisioned.  With concepts from the book Lean Robotics and real world experience, we will go beyond the robot to share lessons learned and provide insights into how to avoid the common issues and set you on a successful path for your robotics deployment.

About the Presenters

Tyler Mayes is a Mechanical Engineer with six years experience in manufacturing including product design, custom machines and robotic solutions.  Tyler currently serves as the sales engineer for Robotiq and is a firm believer in the LEAN Robotics approach, written by Robotiq CEO Samuel Bouchard.

Matt Minner has over 15 years of industry experience in technical and customer facing roles.  For the last three years, Matt has been a Senior Consultant at Catalyst Connection focused on Advanced Technology.

John Bridgen has been engaged in the manufacturing and automation industry since 1997 in a variety of engineering and product development roles.  John currently serves as Sales Manager for Neff, leading a team of consultive engineers helping customers successfully deploy automation into the PA, WV and NY markets.