Improve COVID-19 Safety in Your Building with Flow Simulation

Simulation of airflow patterns inside buildings has classically been used for cleanroom design, hospital operating room air evacuation, thermal patterns for large factory environments, and reducing energy costs for cooling large data centers. These building design and flow simulation tools are now being used to help companies evaluate workspace modifications to determine how to safely provide their employees and customers with a safe environment.

Primary Topics:

  • Introduction to computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for buildings
  • How simulation can guide what-if scenarios for design modification
  • How particle transmission can be simulated and reduced


Dave Graves, Senior Solutions Engineer, Autodesk

Dave has spent his 29 year career leading digitization of mechanical product design, simulation, and manufacturing. His focus at Autodesk is helping customers evolve their processes to take full advantage of modern software tools spanning 3D CAD design, engineering simulation, data management, and digital manufacturing.