Pathways to Smart Manufacturing through Smart Maintenance

Many manufacturing companies today are aware of the potential benefits of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and utilizing data to improve their operations. However, to yield the full benefits of IIOT, companies must first recognize areas within their operations which can benefit and then develop a strategy for implementing the tools necessary to digitize their operation. One potential use of digital data collected using IIOT and other means is for developing a “smart” maintenance program.  

PennTAP will be joined in this webinar by Dr. Vittal Prabhu who will describe the process by which manufacturer’s can begin to develop a smart maintenance program through the use of data as well as present ways in which Penn State can assist companies with this transition to smart maintenance through development of a baseline performance models, IIOT sensor data, and algorithms for analysis and prediction along with estimating return on investment for implementing IOT and cloud computing solutions.