Problem Solving with Root Cause Analysis


Problem Solving with Root Cause Analysis

(in-person program held in Williamsport, PA)

What is Root Cause Analysis?

When you pull weeds out of your yard or garden, what happens when you don’t get the roots? The weeds grow back. Likewise, when we solve a problem only at a symptom level, not at the root, the problem keeps coming back. Root Cause Analysis is a method to properly identify, define, analyze, and solve a problem at its root.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Discover problem definition and proper communication with stakeholders
  • Examine problem identification, analysis, validation, and prioritization
  • Learn how to unlock root causes, identify, and implement solutions

Program Outline:

  • What is a root cause?
  • Introduction to PDCA Cycle
  • Problem recognition and definition
  • Problem validation
  • Analyze potential causes and find the root
  • Develop a solution
  • Standardize the solution
  • Closing Discussion

Who Should Attend:

This program provides a practical overview and teaches the basic concepts of Root Cause Analysis. Perfect for frontline leaders, new managers, maintenance personnel, and anyone whose job involves problem solving – the techniques taught at this workshop can be implemented immediately.

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Tim Davis

Instruction provided by IMC Business Advisor Tim Davis. Tim has over 35 years of management and operational experience in manufacturing businesses in Central and Southwestern PA. Various career roles include Operations Manager, Safety Manager, HR Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Rep, Service Manager, executive/business coach and trainer. His areas of expertise include employee development, strategic planning, people skills, effective communication, leadership, safety, time management, sales and customer service.


This training qualifies for WEDnetPA funding for qualified participants. Not familiar with WEDnetPA funding, contact IMC at or (800) 326-9467.