Safety Promotes Profit: Why Common Sense Is Not Commonplace

Improving an organization’s safety culture requires reestablishing a working bond between safety and production goals. It is easy to talk about safety and say what needs to get done on paper, but there is a real demand for production numbers that often seem to surpass safety and machine maintenance. Those who become complacent in their day-to-day tasks risk hurting more than a profit. Managers, supervisors and engineers need a revitalized respect for the safety culture they represent for their workers. Not everyone truly understands that there is life-threatening danger around every corner.

This webinar presentation will emphasize that no one is above safety, and we all can stand to learn something new. It does not matter what your background, education, or job title are: common sense safety practices are not to be taken lightly or overlooked. There is never an excuse for an employee getting injured or killed because someone assumed that what they were doing was safe. As leaders we owe it to our staff to make time for safety and preventive maintenance measures. We need to learn to make time for the important things that keep our businesses running. We will also focus on how to implement OSHA compliance in the workplace without interrupting or interfering with productivity.

Compliance and productivity work together. Safety promotes profit.


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Taylor Waller | Safety and Maintenance Manager | DCA Manufacturing (Debron Circuit Assembly)

I am the Safety & Maintenance Manager at DCA Manufacturing in Cumberland Wisconsin. I am also the Vice President for the WWSC (Western Wisconsin Safety Council). Most of my life is dedicated to being a safety professional. I enjoy and love what I do. I have the very unique opportunity of being safety and maintenance, which forces me to see things through a safe and productive manner. On the rare occasions I am not at work, I spend my free time writing and gardening. I live in the woods outside of Spooner Wisconsin with my partner and all of our various ducks and geese.