The Seven Habits of a Highly Effective Safety Manager

The 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Safety Culture

On average, employers will spend $120,000 on each workplace injury. For companies operating at a 10% profit margin, they will need an additional $1.2 million in sales to pay for the injury. Clearly, it’s in every company’s best interest to adopt safety best practices that protect all employees, as well as the firm’s bottom line. But how does a company move beyond the basics of compliance and safety huddles to truly embracing a safety culture? And how do you sustain that culture for the long term?

Rod Courtney will discuss 7 specific habits that will help companies build a world-class safety culture. Throughout his career, Courtney has managed the development and implementation of EHS programs to ensure and convey occupational safety standards in multiple industries and disciplines, including oil & gas, renewable energy, electrical power, and wind power. The concepts he will present are battle tested and proven to work, even in the most dysfunctional cultures.


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Rod Courtney, Health, Safety & Environmental Manager, Ampirical
Rod Courtney, CHST, CUSP, WCLS, is the HSE manager at Ampirical, a 2021 winner of the America’s Safest Companies award that provides electrical transmission, distribution and engineering services, and construction. He leads large-scale operations to align business environments with safety standards, including OSHA (federal and state), EPA (federal and state), and MSHA. Experience includes leading the development and implementation of HSE policies and programs for global energy development, national defense, and large-scale construction initiatives. He has organized and aligned health and safety management organizations in accordance with regulatory requirements; guided occupational standards to achieve the highest standards, including OSHA VPP, VPP Star, VPP Merit, and VPP Star Demonstration. He was a keynote speaker at Safety Leadership Conference 2021 in Cleveland, Ohio.