Overhead Door Completes IMC Lean Manufacturing Certification

Overhead Door Corporation in Williamsport, PA is a manufacturer of metal garage doors employing approximately 150 individuals.

Overhead Door wanted to have an employee trained on Lean Level One and Continuous Improvement concepts.  This individual participated in a 64 hours of Lean Manufacturing training where he learned Lean tools and concepts as follows:

A3 Thinking and Value Stream Mapping – Learned and applied A3 Tools and Thinking along with the Edwards Deming Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) approach using a problem identified at Overhead Door. Learned the fundamental tool of Value Steam Mapping and built a VSM from customer order to shipping.

Effective Communication – Learned about social styles within the framework of working Lean/CI with teams of people from different functions and levels of the organization.

Root Cause Analysis & Standard Work – Learned problem solving tools, methods and Standard Work including tools for identifying root causes (SIPOC, 5 Why, Fishbone) and for taking corrective and preventative actions (Benefit-Effort Matrix, Design of Experiment, Poka-Yoke,). Standard Work was presented as the foundation of CI and key to all other improvement activities.

Change Management & Visual Workplace – This section of the training provided an understanding of change, how people view and respond to change and how to better facilitate change in an organization. It also introduced the visual plant. Ideas and examples included a detailed review of the 5S Workplace Organization System (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain).

Total Predictive Maintenance (TPM) – TPM methods and examples for reducing downtime were presented and discussed.

Teams & Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) – This session was an exercise on Team Building that provided answers to the challenges of developing teams for successful problem solving and continuous improvement activities. It utilized a NASCAR changeover simulation and teaching of SMED principles for achieving significant reductions in changeover times.

Principles of Kata – This session focused on applying what the participant learned from the previous sessions to reinforce learning. Included a team-based production simulation reinforcing a number of key ways reduction and productivity increasing tools and methods, such as inventory reduction, error-proofing, continuous flow, Kanban, etc.

At the end of the training, the participant showed that they did a “waste” walk within Overhead Door and exhibited their learning by presenting a Process Map and improvements that have been made within their organization using the problem identified at the beginning of the training.

As a result of this training, the participant is equipped with the tools to continuously improve their organization such as being able to:

·         Reduce waste (excess inventories, errors and rework, inefficient processes)

·         Maximize productivity (quick changeovers, single piece flow, reduced variation)

·         Increase responsiveness to ever-increasing marketplace changes

·         Engage your employees in Continuous Improvement of your business

Then EQUIP YOUR PEOPLE WITH THE TOOLS TO CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE with the Lean Manufacturing Level One Certification Program.

Impact Reported by Company:

·         Retained Sales – $1,00,000

·         Employee Creation/Retained – 20

·         Cost Savings – $100,000

·         Company Investments – $2,500,000


“IMC Lean Certification has been an excellent development tool for our up and coming Leaders.  It gives them the knowledge and practical experience to improve our process.”

Eric Vitunac, Plant Manager, Overhead Door Corporation

“Employees with specific and limited job scopes can easily come to see that they are just a cog in the wheel whose work may not be that important.  The Lean Training Certification program at IMC allows both the organization and individual employee to develop and accelerate their net worth to an organization.”

Stephen Smink, Materials Manager, Overhead Door Corporation.