Find More Customers with Better B2B Marketing

Who doesn’t want more – and better – customers? The kind that’ll buy and pay more. Do you excel at making products and delivering them to your customers, but struggle to find lucrative new customers that will diversify your revenue base? This webinar will demystify the oftentimes confusing jargon surrounding market research, digital marketing, social media and boil it down to a critical few steps you can take to boost sales, without the need for a full-time marketing person or ad agency.


  • Learn the simple B2B marketing formula you can use to find and land more customers
    • Identify your target audience “universe” with customer and market research (also useful in satisfying the Customer Satisfaction requirement of ISO 9001)
    • Write content that shows how great you are
    • Get it in front of the right sets of eyes (e.g., via email and LinkedIn)
    • Track who demonstrates interest via a simple CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, then convert these sales leads into customers
  • Learn about fractional marketing: what is it, and why it has become such a popular solution for B2B product manufacturers, contract manufacturers


Business Owners, CEOs, Sales Leaders, Representatives, Marketing Personnel



Michael Hunter, Partner | Parallel-49 Marketing

Michael HunterMichael Hunter is a marketing executive and management consultant whose unique, 360º view of the marketplace stems from operating / P&L roles with leading companies at every side of the table (manufacturing, retail, ad agency, consulting) and enables him to pull every lever in pursuit of revenue and earnings growth. He applies only the best of what he learned from customer-facing marketing, product innovation, and sales / business development roles in big companies like Olympus, Campbell’s, and Best Buy to the needs and budgets of SMBs (Small & Mid-Size businesses).

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Parallel-49 Marketing, M&A Advisory is a management consulting firm – based in the Lehigh Valley north of Philadelphia – that helps SMBs improve “The 6 Ps” of marketing: Promotion, Pricing, Placement / distribution, Product, Positioning, and People. Its 20 clients to date span the U.S., including several local B2B companies. When a client is looking to sell, Parallel-49 provides whole-P&L improvement / turnaround expertise and taps its M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) expertise to find a suitable buyer, whether that be another “strategic” company or one of the many private equity firms in its network.