Healthy Partners by UPMC Susquehanna

I recently met with Sam Sawyer, Employer Relations Specialist at UPMC Susquehanna to learn more about their Healthy Partners Program.

UPMC Susquehanna is the primary healthcare provider in the communities they serve.  So they know it is in their best interest to provide wellness programs to raise awareness of the services they provide to improve the overall health of the community’s population by maximizing healthcare utilization.

As we all know, healthcare costs continue to rise and are a burden on many employers and employees. Wellness programs reduce these costs and present a unique opportunity for UPMC and local employers to work together to improve health and save money.  The goal of Healthy Partners by UPMC Susquehanna is to be an extension of your company, to give you everything you need in implementing a wellness program, and to assist in improving your company’s employee and fiscal health.

The program takes an objective approach to helping your employees manage their health.  Employees receive onsite screenings, personalized health reports and follow up educational opportunities.  As an employer, you’ll receive a de-identified aggregate group health report and potential solutions to help manage the top health risks of your workforce.  Together with UPMC, you’ll implement education and additional screenings to tackle those top needs that are relevant to your employees.  For most employers, the entire program is performed at no charge!

To learn more about Healthy Partners by UPMC Susquehanna or to signup for our free monthly newsletter, contact Sam Sawyer at or 570-321-2289.

Healthy Partners Program