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Why ERP/MES Systems Alone are not able to Address Operational Planning and Scheduling Needs

June 7, 2017 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


An IndustryWeek Webinar Invitation

Manufacturing companies around the globe face a common challenge: to stay competitive. To do so, you must produce better quality goods faster and more cost-effectively. Meeting this challenge requires the optimal use of expensive and highly specialized equipment, technologies and personnel with special attention given to quality at all stages of the manufacturing, distribution and customer service processes.

Best-in-class companies have recognized the importance of leveraging advanced planning and scheduling solutions by using them to augment their ERP/MES operational systems. While ERP systems sometimes provide planning and scheduling modules, typically such tools have a transactional focus and are not easily used for decision support including “what if” or scenario analysis.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling solutions provide a framework in which conflicting goals and priorities including constrained resources (such as equipment or skilled labor), raw material availability, meeting order due dates and customer service goals, maximizing efficiency (reducing changeover/clean up times), and meeting inventory goals can be analyzed such that the final operational plan or schedule balances the various trade-offs in a well understood manner.

Research indicates that using planning and scheduling tools that can accurately model your manufacturing and work processes will lead to improvements in one or more of the following areas:

  • 25% increase in productivity
  • 50% reduction in raw material stock
  • 50% reduction in WIP
  • 80% improvement in delivery performance
  • 80% reduction in scheduling labor overhead

Attend this webinar and:

  • Investigate why ERP/MES systems alone are not able to address operational planning and scheduling needs.
  • Discuss characteristics of advanced planning and scheduling systems.
  • Explore the qualitative and quantitative benefits for using advanced planning and scheduling.


Chris Weber

Naishadh Kapadia
Director of Supply Chain
Logexsoft, Inc.

Naishadh Kapadia is a Supply Chain Consultant with over 35 years’ experience in a variety of fields including conceptual design, detailed application design, hands on implementation, managing large projects, providing technical leadership, technical sales and marketing, and line management.  His project experience spans all areas of the supply chain including demand management, forecasting, order fulfillment, inventory management, production scheduling, distribution planning, tactical and strategic enterprise level  planning, and integrating these advanced planning and scheduling applications with ERP systems.

With a BsC in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wales and an MBA from the University of Alberta, Kapadia began his career as a Chemical Engineer with BASF, Unilever and Exxon.

Kapadia has developed numerous Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) applications using Aspen Supply Chain Manager™, the OM Partners Supply Chain Suite, and Preactor Advanced Planning and Scheduling technologies. Kapadia has extensive experience with the design, development and deployment of advanced planning and scheduling systems in a variety of industries including CPG, Manufacturing, Machining, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, High Tech, and others.

Jill Pleau

Jill Pleau
Information Technology Manager
Mid-state Machine Products

Jill Pleau is the Information Technology Manager at Mid-State Machine; a mid-sized, Maine based manufacturing company. Pleaul has worked more than 30 years in the manufacturing industry and has a well-rounded knowledge of manufacturing, as well as an excellent understanding of information technology related to the manufacturing industry.

Pleau has been fortunate to be at the forefront in introducing technology to Mid-State Machine.  She has planned and implemented numerous business improvement projects including Preactor advanced planning and scheduling software. Pleau works closely with company leaders to ensure the continued growth of technology throughout the organization.



June 7, 2017
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm