Tooling U-SME

Online Training for a More Profitable Business

IMC has partnered with Tooling U-SME, an online training provider, to off-set the cost of bringing high-quality, customized, onsite training to manufacturers. More than 500 unique online classes provide a broad offering of manufacturing training topics. Every online class has been reviewed and validated by industry experts.

Online training from IMC and Tooling U-SME offers a quick-start, progressive road map that allows manufacturers to build career paths for employees. This online training is intended to enhance your existing on-the-job training, to create a job progression plan and requires minimal preparation. It is efficient, effective training that has been developed with input from manufacturing experts.

Online classes are self-paced, typically taking 60 minutes to complete. They are easily and conveniently accessible on desktops and laptops, and on tablets and phones with the Tooling U-SME app.

Thanks to CARES Act grant funds, companies can apply for up to five free subscriptions for a limited time!

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